From walk-ins that are the envy of your friends to reach-ins that help you get more from your space, we can create it all just for you. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, and having evertyhin in it's own place creates an environment of peace and calm. Perfectly designed custom organization for every member of your family will bring a sense of order and serenity to daily life.

  • Walk-ins
  • Reach-ins
  • Master Bedroom
  • Child(ren)'s Bedroom
  • Guest Room


Top Notch!
"With the addition of many of the accessory options like the shoe shelves, the laundry hamper, jewellery drawer and the built-in ironing board, we were able to fully utilize the space we had to its maximum. We are THRILLED with the results!"- Cam and Kim K.

A Place for Everything

Create the perfect bedroom closet! The right balance of different types of hanging options, drawers and hampers. Keep ties, belts, and pants neatly hung. Neatly store jewelry, belts, change keys and all those other items neatly organized in drawer inserts. Shelves galore! Often replacing a single hanging bar with a double-hang frees up lots of extra space for shelves, cubbies or drawers. Integrated drawers… Looking for the minimalist look? Ditch all those dressers and get your closet working for you. Many San Diego Closet Company customers find they can fit all their dawer needs in their walk-in or even a reach-in closet.


Beautiful Choices

Beautiful choices

Great Accessories

Great accessories

High Quality

High quality